Crime scene tape with gloved hand


Crime scene tape with gloved hand

It never hurts to have a bit of action in a story. A little blood, a bit of gore. Classic shows like CSI and Law & Order have been on our television screens for years and more often than not, we get to see the detectives in action at a crime scene. It’s often left unanswered what exactly happens after the detectives are done gathering their evidence and promptly leave to chase their leads. One might even believe that a crime scene cleans itself. However, in reality, a specialized biohazard clean-up service has to come in and clean it all up.

Not many people are aware that Rock Emergency offers biohazard clean-up services for both commercial and residential clientele. These services include trauma, crime scene clean-up, etc. When accidents or crimes involving blood and other biohazards occur, Rock Emergency is here to provide professional clean-up services and ensure harmful materials are contained. Rock ensures that the handling meets with the guidelines of law enforcement and biohazard agencies and always strives to exceed expectations.

Rock is aware of the degree of sensitivity associated with these types of jobs. That’s why we always make a special effort to help restore these sites with compassion and discretion. Our technicians follow OSHA and EPA protocols to properly handle and dispose of any materials associated with these types of losses. They are also certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) and NYS Department of Labor Asbestos Handling. It’s this dedication to continued education that sets Rock Emergency apart from other companies. Our qualifications and experience in this area allow us to properly handle and expertly remove biological fluids and sanitize for blood-borne pathogens, communicable diseases, and bacteria.

We guide customers through the remediation process from start to finish. This includes documenting all work performed and, if necessary, we can help customers navigate through their insurance claims process. We never hesitate to go the extra mile. At Rock Emergency, we’re aware that we are called into people’s lives in this arena when they have experienced something profound and sad, and it’s our duty to help. In some small way, we believe we can help. No matter when you need us, we’ll be there to help.

When you find yourself asking “What’s next?”…just call Rock Emergency!

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