Recent floods
It goes without saying that some rainfall records were surpassed in 2018.  This resulted in lots of unprecedented flooding throughout various parts of the United States. Now, even though we’re already four months into the new year, some states are still experiencing heavy rainfall and in some cases, extreme flooding where towns are now underwater. Places along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, like Nebraska and Iowa, are currently experiencing their share of record flooding and a future that looks grim. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that things are not going to get any better as spring continues and the floodwaters have a possibility of becoming more geographically widespread.

The NOAA has also stated that nearly two-thirds of the lower 48 states will have a higher risk of flooding and 25 states (including parts of California and Nevada) could experience “major or moderate flooding”. With that being said, we can take the recent floods in Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and elsewhere as a preview of what to expect throughout spring and into summer.  Additionally, experts are posing the question of what role climate change plays in the causation of these events.

Climate change, also known as global warming, is the observed rise in the temperature of the Earth’s surface and though we are not yet sure how big of a part it plays in the recent floods, we do know that a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture and that means more rainfall. Knowing the facts and being an audience to the events unfolding right in front of our eyes causes us to face the reality that severe weather and flooding can strike anywhere, even if you’re not in a “high risk” area.

Admittedly living near an ocean, river or really any large body of water can be seen as therapeutic and especially beautiful. This isn’t just an issue for those who live near the coast. We need to start thinking about the possibilities of what could happen given our proximity to the coast and all waterways.  The shift to the constant heavy rainfall we’ve been experiencing is also a cause for alarm. We can’t always avoid a disaster but we should always be prepared to handle one. Both before and after it hits.

In the event of after recent floods, Rock Emergency is here. In fact, we’ve been providing flood restoration and water damage remediation services to those in the state of New York for 10+ years. With our wealth of expertise in the field, we can tell you that timing is extremely crucial when dealing with the aftermath of a flood. The prevention of mildew/mold growth and the overall health and wellbeing of yourself and family depends on your quick action. We also understand how overwhelming the task of picking up the pieces and trying a rebuild both your home and life after experiencing a disaster is. That is why we always take compassion and understanding on every job. Offering world-class service is the least we can do.

In addition to superb customer service, we also are the proud owners of state-of-the-art monitoring/drying equipment. These are used to check moisture content in the structure of homes and commercial/ industrial buildings to ensure we’ve dried them out effectively. Our technicians can also evaluate all property affected and determine whether it can be saved or should be discarded. Water damages can be devastating to any home or business and we promise to do whatever it takes to get you back to that pre-loss condition while ensuring that you get the quality approach we are known for. Give us a call today at 844-ROCK-911 or 585-413-1566 to inquire how best we can assist you with creating a disaster plan or how we can help with your flood restoration needs.

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