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Rock Emergency is the leader in Water Damage Restoration Services (also known as Water Mitigation Services) in the Albany, NY area and surrounding communities. Whether the damage is due to an unforeseeable disaster, or a sump-pump overflow, we are here for you.

We understand that situations like this can be extremely stressful, and frustrating. Just know that we understand and want to make sure the water clean-up process is simple and taken care of.

We offer peace of mind in knowing that your home or commercial buildings are in good hands. The professionals at Rock Emergency are equipped to manage both commercial and residential Flood Restoration. And we have the resources available to handle any size Water Damage Emergency.

Dealing with water damage can be gut-wrenchingly painful. Not only do we care about you, but we care about your home and your belongings. We take pride in taking care of even the little things and will do our best to save whatever we can from your home.


Timing is critical when there is water damage! Rock Emergency will take all the necessary steps to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction, quickly, and efficiently to help prevent any further damage.

Water damage can be devastating to your home or business; Rock Emergency will do whatever it takes to get you back to that pre-loss condition and give you that sense of security with minimal disruption and get you back to normalcy.

Water Damage Restoration Services Albany, NY

Water Remediation and Flood Damage Restoration can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s hard to just get your head wrapped around what has happened! You wake up and somehow overnight the basement flooded, or you turn on the faucet and notice water is leaking out onto the kitchen floor from under the sink.

You have no idea what to do or what happened. Don’t worry, Rock Emergency is here for you with a vast array of services that may be needed when there is water damage. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Water and Moisture Removal
  • Ceiling Water Damage
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Structure and Content Restoration
  • Disinfection of Damaged Areas
  • Mildew and Mold Removal
  • Odor Removal
  • Content Pack Out and Cleaning
  • Deep Clean of Carpets and Upholstery
  • Basement Flooding
  • Sewage Removal
  • Natural Disaster Response
Business with water damage

Water Damage Cleanup Process

Rock Emergency offers 24/7/365 emergency response. No matter the time of day, or day of the week, Rock Emergency is here to help! We have been leaders of the Water Damage Restoration industry for years and have perfected our water clean-up process in Albany, NY, and surrounding areas.

The best thing about our process? It can all happen within a matter of hours. Here is a little insight on how we complete Water Remediation and Flood Restoration.

Phase One: It all starts with the initial phone call. Our on-call professionals will answer your call and start with a few questions. We will ask you for contact information as well as the address where the water issue is.

We will ask additional questions related to the water itself. When did it happen? How did it happen? During this call, we will get started with planning and come out to your location to begin the next phase.

Phase Two: Once we have arrived at your location, we will inspect the property. During this time, we will locate the source of water (if it is still there) and stop it. For example, there is a leaking pipe or flowing water, we will turn off the water.

By looking at the water, we will also determine the water type. It can be clean water from a storm, gray water which comes from sinks and appliances, or black water which would be from sewage. We will also check the property for mold growth, mildew, and asbestos.

We want to be sure the property can be safely worked on without exposure to you or our professionals. Lastly, we will remove large furniture and any contents that have not been damaged to prevent the possibility of being ruined or contaminated.

Phase Three: Here we begin to extract or remove the water. We have various pieces of equipment that we use to effectively remove all standing water. This includes truck-mounted vacuums, gas-powered pumps, suction mats, and pump-out systems.

As the water gets removed, we will clear away debris or items that have been affected by the water. As higher levels of water are removed, we can get a better idea of the condition of the floors and walls. We will provide a thorough inspection to better determine the drying and dehumidifying process as well as the restoration process.

Phase Four: After visible water has been extracted, we begin the drying and dehumidifying phase. During this phase, we will set up our state-of-the-art drying equipment. We have industrial-strength dehumidifiers, high-powered fans, HEPA filters, and moisture meters that we use to dry out the space.

Moisture meters help us to find the moisture that is in the flooring and walls since they are porous materials that will soak up water. If necessary, we will remove drywall and flooring to help with the drying process and to ventilate areas with high moisture. We check the moisture levels and make sure everything is drying up daily! Once fully dry, we begin the next phase.

Phase Five: We start this phase with packing up our equipment. This allows for the cleaning and sanitation to begin. Water damage can cause many problems regardless of how it happened. Mold grows in high moisture environments, combined with warmer temperatures, it becomes the perfect breeding ground.

Furniture, floors, belongings will all need to be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. Wet items tend to hold on to a specific scent (you know what it is), so we go ahead and remove that odor for you. Our goal is to bring normalcy back into your life by the time we're done! In addition to cleaning everything that can be saved, we will also dispose of all damaged materials.

Phase Six:  The last thing needed to get back to normal is water damage repair and flood restoration. Whether it be tarping the roof to prevent future leaks, or installing new floors, Rock Emergency will do that too!

If you need help packing up your things, we can assist with the pack-out of your home or facility. We are with you every step of the way during this challenging time.


Water Damage Restoration Equipment used by Rock Emergency

Phoenix 200 Dehumidifier and similar – Draws moisture out of the air to help prevent swelling and warping of wood

Dri-Eaz HEPA 500 and similar – These are high powered suction mats that will draw out trapped water from hardwood floors

Odorox Boss XL and similar – Helps to deodorize and decontaminate the air

Hygrometers/Moisture Meters – Hygrometers will determine the amount of moisture in the air while moisture meters will determine how much moisture is in a specific material (such as drywall)

Truck mounted vacuums – Industrial strength to remove water, and clean flooring

Pump-out systems and gas-powered pumps – Used for elevated levels of water after flooding from storms

SteraMist Systems – Used to effectively clean and disinfect spaces large and small

Industrial Strength Air Movers – large high-powered fans that circulate the air around an entire space. We usually have many of these going at the same time to help speed up the drying process.

Water Damage Restoration pumpsWater damage restoration moisture meter

What Causes Water Damage?

A water damage situation can have a wide variety of scenarios. People normally think of a flood caused by a storm, or a flooded basement. But water damage can come from many different things and cause a variety of problems if left untreated.

At Rock Emergency, our professionals have seen it all, and have taken part in many flood restoration projects. We will travel near and far when our services are needed. We took part in clean-up in the Carolina’s after Hurricane Florence hit, and also went to Louisiana after Hurricane Laura.


  • Appliance Leaks (Washer, dishwasher, Toilet)
  • Indoor Flooding and Water Seepage
  • Leaking Roof or Windows
  • Ice Dams
  • Waste Line Leakage
  • Sewage and Toilet Overflow
  • Burst Pipes (freezing, clogs, corrosion, accidents)

Secondary Damage/Untreated Water Damage

  • Water Contamination (waterborne illness, disease, virus, bacteria)
  • Foundation and basement wall damage
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Wood Rot
  • Pungent Odors
  • Infestation of water-loving insects, vermin and other pests
  • Long-term damage to air ducts

Water Damage occurs in a matter of minutes. If water is left, it starts damaging surfaces and materials within just a few minutes. It is important to take care of water as soon as you see it.

There are times that it can’t be done right away, like in a case of disastrous flooding. Here is a slight breakdown of what kind of water damage can occur and how long it can take. I bet you’ll be surprised!

First few minutes of water exposure – Papers and photos will be ruined, stains on furniture and carpet that won’t come out, certain materials will get a water stain that will become a permanent watermark (drapes and upholstered items), furniture will warp and swell which may never go back to normal.

Within a few hours – Walls may soften and crumble, furniture foam will start to disintegrate, stagnant water odor, metal items will begin to rust and cause rust stains in carpet and other fabrics.

After a couple of Days – Mildew, mold and other bacteria start to grow. Odors become lodged in materials that may never come out. The adhesive on the flooring will break down, flooring materials like vinyl and carpet will shrink or become discolored. Wooden floors will become permanently warped and ruined. Pollutants will start to bother allergies and asthma-related illnesses.

After a Week or Two – The whole structure will deteriorate to a point where it may be unsafe to live in. If continued to be left untreated, more serious health issues can occur and the home may become a biohazard.


FAQ’s and Water Damage Tips


Impeccable Teamwork

Our team of professionals work hand in hand to transition from damage to resolution. They are experts in planning their way from evaluation, restoration, and further mitigation.

The experts working for us will present you with a list of solutions and will advise according to their expertise so that the desired result is coherent with your specific requirements. Contact us today! We are always ready to help you with securing your property.


Why Choose Rock Emergency for Water Damage Restoration?

The water remediation and flood restoration technicians employed by Rock Emergency in Albany, NY are highly trained professionals. We take pride in our work and provide every client the utmost compassion during times of difficulty. To make it even easier for you, we will work directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to!

Being a locally owned and operated company, we treat everyone like they are family! Additionally, we are licensed and insured and follow all OSHA standards and regulations. We also use the best, top-quality, EPA-certified equipment for water inspection, extraction, and drying. Only the best is offered by Rock Emergency! To prevent mold or further damage, give us a call today!