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Building Demolition in
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Building demolition refers to the process of dismantling or destroying a structure, usually a building, to make way for a new development or to remove a structure that is no longer needed. Demolition can be done manually or with the use of heavy machinery, depending on the size and complexity of the building.

Demolition may involve the complete or partial removal of a building or structure. Total demolition involves the complete dismantling of a building down to its foundation, while partial demolition may involve the removal of specific parts of the building.

Before a building demolition project can begin, various factors need to be considered, including the structural integrity of the building, the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead, and the location of the site.

A building demolition project can be complex and requires careful planning to ensure that it is carried out safely and efficiently. Demolition contractors with the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment are typically hired to carry out building demolition projects.

Building demolition machine tearing down a building

When & Why

When is it really time to make the decision to demolish a building? The experts at Rock Emergency take everything into consideration when assessing the structure in question. Doing a complete demolition of a building requires the expertise, and careful detailed planning that Rock Emergency is known for.

Being a specialty contractor in the demolition field, Rock Emergency must consider any environmental issues, public health/safety risks, employee safety, and recycling.

Reasons For
Building Demolition

Ultimately, the decision to demolish a building should be based on careful consideration of the reasons for demolition, the potential benefits, and the costs involved. It is important to hire a reputable demolition contractor to ensure that the demolition is carried out safely and efficiently.

There are several reasons why a building demolition may be necessary. Here are some common reasons:


    A building may need to be demolished if it poses a safety risk...

    Rebuilding or Redevelopment

    Demolishing a building can make way for new development or reconstr...

    Environmental Concerns

    If a building contains hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead, demolition...


    Demolition may be part of an urban renewal or revitalization effort to improve...


    Sometimes, the cost of repairing a damaged or outdated building can...
    Building demolition performed by Rock Emergency

    Building Demolition

    New Buildings/Building Expansions

    When new structures are created, demolition teams are often contacted to remove previously existing structures. If a nearby building is going up, and if an individual is considering relocation, demolition is a healthy alternative to costly closing costs.

    Expanding buildings may require additional space. However, before such space is acquired, demolition of previous structures may be required. Partial building demolition, while an option, is advised under extremely controlled circumstances.

    Similarly, areas should be secured to prevent personal injury, property damage, and utility service damage. Additionally, when a business needs to expand, there may be a need to deconstruct other buildings to allow for more room for the expanding business.

    Within partial demolition, services may be selected to alter a building’s foundation and surrounding areas through the destruction and removal of chimneys, exterior walls, overhangs, and divider areas. Such aspects are easily removed—making additions an easy pursuit.

    Damage & Hazards

    When the initial structure has damage, whether it be to underground plumbing, foundation or sub-flooring, it is best to have the building demolished for safety reasons.

    Damage to the foundation of a structure, whether it be commercial or residential structure, there will be signs of an uneven floor and cracks in both the interior and exterior walls. There are times where the foundation can be so damaged that it is no longer properly holding the home together.

    Preventing fire hazards is city-wide goal, and new buildings often require additional space for construction. Additionally, nearby fire hazards and explosive fuel may require safe demolition of nearby structures—so demolition may be performed as to remove future safety issues. Similarly, if asbestos is located within a structure’s foundation, interior demolition may be required to clear dangerous debris.

    Building demolition completed by Rock Emergency

    Smoke Damage
    Restoration FAQ's


    Building Demolition

    There are many steps that must be followed before any type of building demolition can begin. Any asbestos testing and abatement must be completed along with removing any other hazardous or regulated materials. Most cities and towns require permits for demolition projects as well as notifying neighbors and utility companies.

    There are times when animals like mice, raccoons, or bats need to be removed. Lastly, site-specific safety and work plans must be created. Regardless of the project, safety comes first. There is always certified personnel on-site to enforce safety and precaution.

    If there is asbestos found in the home or building, the abatement process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Only after all asbestos has been removed can the demolition begin. There are also other Health and Safety measures that Rock Emergency experts follow throughout the entire Building Demolition procedure including:

    • Training & certification programs
    • Pre-site inspections
    • Environmental testing
    • Air monitoring
    • Work area clearance
    • Confined space entry plan
    • Fall protection plan
    • Fire protection plan
    • Lead health protection plan
    • Equipment operator's certification & licensing
    • Lock-out / tag-out procedures
    • Respiratory protection plan
    • CPR
    • Safety meetings
    • Emergency response training
    • First aid equipment & hospital locations
    • Decontamination procedures

    Why Choose Rock Emergency for Building Demolition?

    The professional experts at Rock Emergency Services are dedicated to every client we meet in and around the Rochester, NY area. We set a timeline for each project, meet or exceed expectations, and stay within the desired budget! Not only do we work within your schedule, but we also pay close attention to even the smallest details and provide every customer with the highest quality of work!

    Rock Emergency also strives to be the most efficient not just in the work we provide, but also in the cost. We walk you through the entire process and keep you informed throughout the job. Call Rock Emergency today for your building demolition evaluation!

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