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Emergency roof tarping is just what you’d need if you were to notice water dripping from your ceiling caused by a leaky roof, or if a storm has blown a huge branch onto your roof creating a large hole. In either case, an emergency roof tarp is a great option.
WHY WOULD YOU NEED ONE? Some main examples of why you would need a tarp would be damage caused by a major storm or that your insurance company requires that you have a tarp installed for your insurance claim. In larger storm areas the damage can range from minor damage to major damage, which can delay roof repair before any roofing contractors can get the repairs started.
Business with water damage

Emergency Roof Tarping Services Rochester, NY

The smallest leak can lead to major roof damage. This includes, but is not limited to, potential mold and wood rot issues due to a water leak. Or worse yet, if you have a hole in your roof from a fallen tree branch, your money could literally be going right out of the roof for your heating or cooling.


Tree Damage

Caution tape around large trees downed in middle of neighborhood
If you live in an area where there are a lot of trees, there’s always the potential that a strong enough storm could uproot trees, or snap tree limbs off and land on your house and leave you with a large gaping hole in your roof.

Water Damage

The extent of water damage varies and can be quite costly. It can create harmful mold and mildew growth if not tended to and can put you and your family’s health at risk.

Water damage can wreck your home quicker than you might think. It can lead to warped and rotted wood, which can compromise your home and lead to unforeseen expensive repairs. Having a temporary tarp put on your home or business roof will prevent further damage.


Wind Damage

The winds here in Rochester, N.Y., can sometimes exceed 60 mph. That’s definitely strong enough to take some loose shingles off your roof and create a mess for the homeowner. The wind could also knock down trees or snap branches off and fall on your roof, that could causing a big hole and allow the elements to get into your home.

Hail Damage

Hail comes in many different sizes. No matter the size, it can still cause a lot of damage to your roof. It can pummel your roof shingles like a ball peen hammer and damage shingles so bad that they would get big dents in them or break shingle pieces off causing possible leaks and cause further damage like mold issues.

Emergency Roof Tarps
Will Protect Your Home

When your home needs protecting, don’t fear, Rock Emergency is here. A roof tarp will cover the entire roof of your home or business and protect it from any further damage that Rochester, New York’s weather may cause.

If your home should need a heavier tarp for longer coverage, we have those too. They’re made of a stronger material and will keep your home or building safe until repairs can be made, and they will combat some of the most intense weather it may endure.

Benefits of emergency roof tarping include:

Risk of Further Damage


Keep Out Pests

Protect Belongings

Risk of Further Damage


Keep Out Pests

Protect Belongings

Roof Tarp

  • Preparing for the tarp installation includes clearing out any debris and assessing the extent of the damage.
  • Then plywood is securely laid out, covering all of the damaged areas. 
  • Lastly, the tarp is laid out over the plywood and nailed down with furring strips to secure the tarp.

Two types of tarp installation are;

Short-term — A temporary tarp is thrown over the rooftop, anchored to your roof at the top, along the sides and bottom edges of the roof with furring strips or weighted sandbags that can prevent wind uplift.

Long-Term — If you’ve run into insurance issues or contractor schedule delays, a long-term tarp may be your best option. A stronger, more fitting tarp will be secured and will serve as a roof replacement while issues are being worked out.

Amateurs Beware!

As a home or business owner, your first thought after a severe storm might be to go up on the roof to see if there was any damage from the storm. 


If there are any indications of trees or fallen branches on the rooftop, there could be weak spots or large holes punctured through the roof that you might not notice right away because debris is covering it, and you could potentially fall through the roof.

DO: call Rock Emergency; our team will deliver expert service and get the proper tarp in place for you after we get your roof inspected and ready for repair.

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