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Choosing the right temporary power services company can take time and effort. Rock Emergency offers the maximum quality in temporary power services, getting the right equipment to your facility for all your electrical needs, such as power tools or lighting at the construction site.

Equipment needed to bring up temporary power at a site quickly can vary, but the end objective is to get power where there currently isn’t any.

With the past pandemic outbreaks, hospital facilities have sometimes run out of Emergency Room space to accommodate all their patients.

We have the means to supply the extra state-of-the-art equipment needed for the new shelter area to get up and running, and our team of experts will get it done quickly and efficiently.

When Disaster Strikes

Disasters can happen at all hours of the day or night. Don’t let a power outage keep you down. What if a school or hospital lost power or your business? That would be disastrous. 

A severe storm can leave you powerless for a lengthy time. Be it from an electrical storm, rain storm, or high winds, you’ll need to get your electricity up and running ASAP. 

You can count on the Rock to determine the power solutions you need and get a generator to get you going so you can get back to business. Available 24 hours a day, our team can deliver reliable, durable,  adequate-sized generators for your industrial and commercial demands. We will also provide temporary heating for areas that need to be kept warm and to maintain a specific temperature. Let Rock Emergency, Inc. keep you up and running when the electricity goes down and out.

Water Damage
Cleanup Process

Rock Emergency offers 24/7/365 emergency response. No matter the time of day, or day of the week, Rock Emergency is here to help! We have been leaders of the Water Damage Restoration industry for years and have perfected our water clean-up process in Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas.

The best thing about our process? It can all happen within a matter of hours. Here is a little insight on how we complete Water Remediation and Flood Restoration.

    phone icon

    PHASE 1

    It all starts with the initial phone call. Our on-call restoration experts will answer your call and start with a few questions. We will ask you for contact information as well as the...

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    PHASE 2

    Once we have arrived at your location, we will inspect the property. During this time, we will locate the source of water (if it is still there) and stop it. For example, there is a leaking pipe or flowing water, we...
    cleaning icon

    PHASE 3

    Here we begin to extract or remove the water. We have various pieces of equipment that we use to effectively remove all standing water. This includes truck-mounted vacuums,...
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    PHASE 4

    After visible water has been extracted, we begin the drying and dehumidifying phase. During this phase, we will set up our state-of-the-art drying equipment. We have industrial strength...
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    PHASE 5

    We start this phase by packing up our equipment. This allows for the cleaning and sanitation to begin. Water damage can cause many problems regardless of how it happened. Mold...
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    PHASE 6

    The last thing needed to get back to normal is water damage repair and flood restoration. Whether it be tarping the roof to prevent future leaks, or installing new floors, Rock Emergency will...
    Generator for storm damage


    When establishing temporary electric service for commercial and industrial businesses, you can depend on our team here at Rock Emergency to do just that! With temporary power service supplies in motion, you can move on with your ongoing construction and commercial renovation projects.

    You’ll want to be guaranteed a strong, even flow of electricity. We have all the right equipment to tackle any project; no job is too big. We have large and small tow-behind generators and portable electric heaters for any space that needs to be heated.

    Temporary Power Solutions for Your Business

    There are various reasons why temporary power services may be needed. No matter the reason, Rock Emergency is just a phone call away. Our temporary power solution can be customized to your business.

    Depending on your need, we can offer power for lighting, power tools, heating & cooling systems, appliances, retail & office electronics, and much more.

    See below some common reasons we offer temporary power solutions to business owners.


    Building Restoration

    Construction Projects

    Commercial Uses

    Building Restoration

    Construction Projects

    Commercial Uses

    Our Commitment for
    Temporary Power Services

    You can rely on our experts here at Rock Emergency to make renting our equipment a smooth process. We’ll be there for you to help with choosing the right equipment required for your specific needs and keeping you on budget.

    We’ll also work with you to develop an affordable short or long-term agreement plan. You’ll never have to worry about repairs or maintenance with our equipment — that’s our job!

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