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Mold Inspection Services in Rochester, NY

A mold inspection is the process of finding and determining if there is a mold problem within your home. At Rock Emergency, our crew have all been HAZWOPER trained and certified in mold services.

Having mold in your home is never fun, but our team is here with you every step of the way; from the inspection to the remediation, we're in this together!

Causes of Mold in Your Home

Mold is a fungus that releases spores into the air to reproduce. These spores can grow into mold infestations in any area where they find warmth, food (organic matter), and relative humidity (RH) levels at or above 60%. Ultimately, the only situation you can control is the humidity and moisture levels in your home.
Mold growing on a wall in a kitchen near stove

When You Need a Mold Inspection

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Had a recent flood or water damage
  • You can smell mold but not see it
  • You saw mold in one area and aren’t sure if it spread
  • You have new health concerns
  • Peace of Mind

Health Effects of Mold on You & Your Home

Family with Black Mold Symptoms

How Mold Affects Your Home

Mold is everywhere, outdoors and inside your home. Tiny microscopic spores make up mold, and when it's outside, it's unnoticeable. It makes its way into clothing, shoes, and pets. The spores can land anywhere and quickly spread. 

When excess mold is in the home, the air quality becomes low, and the home's integrity may become impacted.

How Mold Affects Your Health

Some people are more sensitive to mold than others. Those individuals may experience severe allergy or cold-like symptoms when exposed to mold. For others, too much mold in the home can cause migraines and allergy-like symptoms. 

In severe home mold infestations, individuals may experience serious health problems related to breathing. Asthma attacks, upper respiratory infections, and other health concerns arise. Those who already have compromised immune systems may experience these symptoms more severely.

Methods of Mold Inspection


As home or business owners, we may always look for mold. We can use our noses to guide us to potentially problematic areas, but it might not always work. When you hire a professional for mold inspection and testing, you will have someone fully trained in finding mold. 

The crew at Rock Emergency has been trained and certified in mold services. Additionally, they have an array of tools (infrared tools, moisture meters) they use to help spot the problematic areas. 

After consulting with you, a mold inspector's first thing is visually to inspect potential hidden mold sources. They'll look at areas where you might have noticed mold growth or a moldy smell. The age and history of your building will also be factors in the inspection. 

They may also use infrared imaging to find areas with moisture that could support mold growth. The goal of the inspection is to identify where mold is likely to be growing. If you need to know if the mold is dangerous to your health, professionals will conduct further testing to determine the type of mold you have.

If necessary, there are methods to test the mold in your home. A swab will be used on various surfaces throughout your home through surface sampling and testing and then sent for testing. This testing could tell you what type of mold has invaded your home. 

Additionally, there is also air sampling and testing. While this method isn’t always the best (remember, mold is everywhere), it can help understand areas where mold is more prone to be in your home.

Let's Get Started!

Mold Assessment Leads to Remediation

If your mold inspection leads to the discovery of mold, it is imperative to have a mold remediation company like Rock Emergency take care of it for you. Our expert mold remediation team will get a plan in place for you.

Depending on the size of the infested area, you may be able to handle it yourself. However, the EPA recommends that if it is any larger than a 3-foot by 3-foot area, a professional should remediate it.

We can ensure all the mold is removed with our plan in place. We may include cutting and removing pieces of drywall or wood from your home. If this occurs, we will be able to restore the area once all mold has been cleared away. 

You can rest assured that the mold is gone. You can take precautions to be sure the mold doesn’t grow back. Check out our list below.

Mold Inspection Costs

A mold inspection costs approximately the same as a regular home inspection. The average cost for a mold inspection for a small to medium-sized house is $300 to $400. For houses larger than 4,000 square feet, the price increases to the $700 to $900 range. 

Testing is not covered in these costs. In NYS, it is required to have the mold assessor and mold remediator be different companies. So if you see or smell mold, just call Rock Emergency for quick and effective mold remediation services!

Tips on How to Prevent Mold

Any mold in your home should be taken seriously. Even just the smallest area of mold contamination can grow and spread throughout your home, wreaking havoc along the way. Below are some tried and true tips on preventing mold problems from popping up in your home.
  • If your home is prone to moisture, it would be wise to invest in a dehumidifier. Basement areas can retain moisture. Keeping moisture levels low can help prevent mold growth.

  • Ensure you have proper ventilation. This will include vents in your attic, kitchen, and bathroom. Areas that can collect moisture need to be ventilated. This becomes the perfect place for mold to grow.
mildew vs. mold
  • Get any leaks repaired quickly. If you have a leaky pipe anywhere in your home, there is a chance mold can grow within the area surrounding it. Additionally, the water-damaged areas can hold in the moisture and allow mold to grow if you have a leaky roof. Any area that has been wet for an extended period will eventually promote mold growth. That brings us to our last tip.
    • It takes only 24 hours for mold spores to contaminate your belongings. If the carpet has become wet, or there was a small flood in your basement, you will need to get the wet items out, and the area dried quickly. Rock Emergency can assist with the water damage situation to prevent mold from growing in your home.

    Why Choose Rock Emergency?


    Your safety and peace of mind is our number one priority. We are a 24 hour emergency service dedicated to our customer’s needs that services Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas. Rock Emergency takes pride on our reliability for any size job.

    We seek to satisfy our clients with our expertise, cost and time-efficacy and our cleanliness. Rock Emergency is an experienced service provider that has a list of resources at our disposal, through which we perform an array of demolition and restorative services. We don't stop at just mold remediation, we can do it all!