Shrink Wrap Roof Service

Protect your home or business from the elements after a storm


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A recent storm has come through bringing in tons of rain, hail, and strong winds. You’re worried about your roof that has been needing repairs for a while now. You go outside and check things out the next morning and see that one of your older trees has come down right onto the roof of your home.

You look around and see that many other homes in your area have damage as well. Your first thought is to start looking for blue tarps to put up temporarily to protect your home. You don’t have any, so you make your way to the local hardware store in search of some. 

When you arrive, you see many of your neighbors doing the same thing. With this issue alone, you know you're going to have trouble finding a roofing contractor quickly before any further damage is done to your home. Well, guess what, you’re in luck!

Rock Emergency is a 24-7 emergency response service provider that specializes in storm damage restoration including roof shrink wrapping. We have teams ready to deploy and assess your damage 24-7, all you have to do is call us at (585) 413-1566. Never heard of roof shrink wrap? Keep reading to learn more.

Residential Roof Shrink Wrapping Service

residential roof shrink wrapping

Commercial Roof Shrink Wrapping Service

Roof Commercial Shrink Wrapping Service

Shrink Wrap Roof? What Does That Mean?

Shrink wrap roof

If you have ever been to a marina during Winter, you have likely seen boats with white or blue plastic coverings on them. They look like they are all sealed up. That is a shrink-wrapped boat. Rock Emergency does the same with commercial and residential properties. 

The shrink wrap materials are made of a fire-resistant thick plastic, which is surprisingly lightweight. The material is called a film and comes on large rolls. The film is folded in several layers making it easier to maneuver the large rolls. 


The film is then placed over the damaged area, and heat from a heat gun is applied to shrink the film to fit the roof. Being fire resistant, it becomes drum-tight against the roof and surrounding structure preventing pooling from future rain.

Being a plastic material, the roof now has a water-tight seal preventing further roof leaks. Even though a shrink wrap roof is a temporary roofing solution, it will hold you over safely until the roof can be repaired.

Blue Tarp or Shrink Wrap?

Blue tarps have been a tried and true roofing repair method. They are waterproof and affordable. Additionally, they can be reused for other projects. Sadly, the infamous blue tarps have weaknesses that the quality materials used in shrink wrapping don't. 

The material used for the blue tarps is not UV resistant. Meaning when they are out in the sun for an extended period of time, they break down causing rips and tears, which lead to more damage to the roof. The materials used to shrink wrap are in fact UV resistant and will not break down while being in the elements. 

Another weakness is that in order for the blue tarps to stay in place, mor4e nails and holes in your roof are required. Most tarps are held down with smaller pieces of wood called furring strips. If the tarp was placed by a homeowner, it could be that the tarp is held in place with ropes or cinder blocks. 

storm damaged roofs with shrink wrap

These methods make it easier for high winds or big storms to blow away the tarp, or at least cause it to move out of place, no longer providing roof weather protection. With the shrink wrap roof service, you can rest assured that the film will stay in place, preserving the damage underneath and preventing further damage to the roof.

At the end of the day, the shrink wrap will last longer than the blue tarp and provide you with better protection from the elements. Roof leaks can happen at any time and aren't always caused by fallen trees or storms. Roof shrink wrapping can also be provided for new roofing projects that aren’t yet completed. If you are dealing with any of these situations, Rock Emergency can help with a temporary roofing solution while you await your roofing contractor.

Shrinkwrapping material is made to withstand the elements and outlast any other tarp on the market. It is durable and strong while still maintaining affordability. Best yet, the materials are fully recyclable so once it is no longer in use, Rock Emergency can remove the film and properly recycle the materials making it an eco-friendly solution.

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Roof Types & Locations

One of the biggest problems with a blue tarp is finding the right size that will protect your roof from further damage. If you have an oddly shaped roof or several different pitches, it can be even more difficult. 

With a shrink wrap roof, it's virtually customizable to any roof type. Additionally, no property type is off-limits. Check out our list below of the various roof types we’ve worked on and the different property types too!

Roof Types

Flat Roof

Sloped Roof

Asphalt Shingle

Shake Shingle



Property Types








Why Choose Rock Emergency for Shrink Wrap Roof Services

Rock Emergency has been a leading emergency response provider in the Rochester area for 15+ years. Our professionals have traveled near and far (including Louisiana and North Carolina) to provide emergency disaster response services. Not only can we shrink wrap your roof, but we can also offer storm damage restoration and water damage restoration services.

rock team at home completing shrink wrap roof project

Times like these can be difficult, and frustrating. We understand and handle every situation with professionalism and compassion. If you need help working with your insurance company, we can help with that too. We are all in this together, so be rest assured we will protect your home with our shrink wrap roof services.