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Hoarding Cleanup
Rochester, NY

Hoarding is only prevalent in about 5% or less of people in the United States. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is a mental health disorder in which the individual has persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them.
Those suffering from hoarding disorder will also show extreme distress with the thought of discarding, or actual discarding of items, regardless of the item. You can read more about hoarding disorder at mayoclinic.com.

Hoarding vs. Clutter

There is a big difference between hoarding and clutter. Clutter is an accumulation of items, and can often leave a space to look messy. Having too many clothes, or a seriously large collection of something. Most often, the cluttered items have a purpose (and are being used) or have some sort of monetary or personal value. 

Hoarding is different from clutter because it is a mental disorder. The individual is unable to part with any of their items, regardless of the fact they likely have zero value. Hoarding also can seriously affect the individual and bring on other health risks.

Types of

What many people don’t realize is that there are different types of hoarding. While each hoarding situation can and will vary from person to person, there are usually similar characteristics and types of items that are hoarded. Check out some of the most common types of hoarding:


    This type of hoarding can occur after a death or loss of a loved one. It can be difficult...


    Those who may have a shopping addiction may also be considered a hoarder...

    Paper Hoarding

    Any form of paper product becomes difficult to throw away or recycle...


    Anything related to food including the packaging, remaining food, expired...

    Animal Hoarding

    Animal hoarding starts with the intent to care for all the animals but quickly becomes...

    Hoarding Levels

    In addition to the different types of hoarding, there are also 5 levels to hoarding situations. Each is based on the ability to move throughout the space, the number of areas affected, odors, and the overall condition of the space. Each level is described below.

    Level I

    Level II

    Level III

    Level IV

    Level V


    Hoarding Cleanup

    Don't DIY

    Hoarding disorder is a complex mental health condition that affects a person's ability to discard or part with possessions, leading to the accumulation of clutter that can significantly affect their quality of life. While it may be tempting to try and clean up a hoarded space by yourself, there are several reasons why it's not recommended.
    • It's unsafe
    • Too much emotional attachment
    • Hard work with little progress
    • Legal issues

    Call the Professionals!

    it's recommended to seek the help of a professional hoarding cleanup service or mental health provider who specializes in hoarding disorders. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience to approach the situation sensitively, safely, and effectively while supporting the person with a hoarding disorder in their recovery journey.


    Safety risks


    Emotional attachment


    Lack of progress


    Legal Issues


    first few minutes


    within a few hours


    after a couple of days


    after a week or two


    FAQs and Water Damage Tips

    Hoarding cleanup is the process of safely and effectively cleaning up a hoarded space, which may involve removing clutter, debris, and other hazardous materials, disinfecting the area, and restoring the space to a safe and livable condition.



    If you or someone you know is working through a hoarding situation, please find the below resources for help!


    Why Choose Rock Emergency for Hoarding Cleanup?

    There are a lot of cleaning companies in the Rochester area, however, not all are trained in hoarding cleanup. Rock Emergency has a process that not only restores your home to pre-hoarding conditions but also does it safely and efficiently.

    Following our process checklist, you can rest assured that you and your privacy are what matters most. Some of our most valued points include the following:

    • Total home walkthrough and evaluation of items to keep, donate, toss
    • Safety evaluation
    • A thorough inspection of all items
    • Bring ALL cleaning and organizing supplies (including dumpster) to make the process more efficient
    • Disposal of all biohazard materials including waste, mold, and sewage
    • Salvageable items will be taken to our warehouse and restored and kept safe until they can be returned to the home
    • Any damage to the home will be repaired and restored (if applicable)
    • Disinfection and Deodorization for the entire home
    • Confidentiality and Compassion by all professionals at Rock Emergency

    Not every professional cleaning company is capable of working through hoarding situations. Trust that not only are all the professionals at Rock Emergency compassionate, but they are also IICRC-certified and OSHA-compliant.

    If you or your loved one needs help with any hoarding or clutter situation, just call Rock Emergency today. We’re in this together, and we are here to help!

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