Full-Service Facility Disinfecting for Coronavirus

While we are faced with this difficult time it is extremely important to keep yourself and your surrounding area clean and disinfected. Rock Emergency adheres to all OSHA regulations and our staff is Hazwoper certified to effectively disinfect virtually any facility.

We use the STERAMIST BIT system, which delivers the most efficient, safe, and effective way to properly inactivate enveloped viruses such as Covid-19.


We're in this together!

Flatten the Coronavirus Curve

By now, everyone is aware of what the Novel Coronavirus is. It has quickly spread all over the world. Stay up to date here. Some of us are under quarantine, others may have been experiencing employer shutdowns.

While this may be difficult financially on both the employee and the employer, it is for the best! During this time, it is important to remember that disinfecting and decontaminating your spaces is a must to help #flattenthecurve.

We all need to do our part whether we are just the average person, or a business owner. It is our responsibility in this to do everything we can. This means cleaning EVERYTHING in our homes and businesses.

Luckily, with Rock Emergency Services Inc., we can make this daunting task much easier on everyone!

Rock Emergency recently joined the TOMI SteraMist network of providers in aiding the fight against the Coronavirus. SteraMist is used by over 50 International partners around the world.

You’re in luck because Rock Emergency is the only Full-Service Coronavirus cleaning company authorized as a SteraMist service provider in the Rochester, NY area.

SteraMist uses a Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) which provides a safe and effective decontamination in any space or area. Effective March 13, 2020 the EPA has recognized the Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) Solution is effective against Emerging Viral Pathogens which include Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

What does this mean for you? It means that Rock Emergency has the best of the best in products and solutions for any disinfection and decontamination needs!

STERAMIST Binary Ionization Technology

STERAMIST Binary Ionization Technology

Even though this type of virus is new to the area (and the world) the service of cleaning is not new to Rock Emergency. The experts at Rock Emergency are all too familiar with biohazard cleanup services and all types of remediation services.

All our professionals are HAZWOPER trained and certified as well as have all OSHA certifications. This makes the job easier for you, and for us when we follow all safety standards and guidelines!

So now you are wondering how this pertains to you. Have you been cleaning all day everyday for weeks? Are your hands dry, cracked and bleeding from all the chemicals?

The products most of us are using to clean are going to be effective against Coronavirus if they are EPA approved. Lysol wipes, Lysol spray and some cleaners with bleach are effective. However, those chemicals are harsh on our hands and the environment we are in.

With SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology (BIT), Rock Emergency can disinfect and decontaminate the same spaces in just a fraction of time. No matter how big or small, we are prepared to tackle the virus head on!

The SteraMist Surface Unit only requires a 5 second application time per square foot. Then it only needs 7 minutes of contact to FULLY decontaminate and disinfect whatever it has touched.

steramist surface unit

The SteraMist Environment Unit is used for whole rooms and can take around 45 minutes from start to finish. Best part, you don’t have to do anything. SteraMist is safe for wood, metal, fabric and electronics!

steramist environment system

Coronavirus Surface Lifespan

Coronavirus transferred by cardboard

While most people can successfully clean their home, Rock Emergency may be of use for larger spaces like stores, offices, and facilities. People are everywhere, and anything that is touched by someone poses a risk for infecting another person.

Just imagine everything that gets touched in a public area - door handles, shopping carts, arm rests, counters, payment machines, the areas are endless.

In recent findings, the National Institutes of Health has found that the Coronavirus is able to remain stable on various surfaces. These findings are like that of other respiratory viruses like SARS back in 2002/2003.

Imagine trying to cover any surface that may have been touched by someone who is sick, with or without symptoms! Check out the findings of the NIH to learn more!

  • In the air (from a cough or sneeze) for up to 3 hours
  • Copper Surfaces for up to 4 hours
  • Cardboard surfaces for up to 24-hours
  • Plastic and Stainless-Steel surfaces for 2-3 DAYS

Below are some areas that Rock Emergency is familiar with Full-service facility disinfecting for Coronavirus, as well as why they should be cleaned with the SteraMist Technology!

Facilities We Disinfect

Hospitals/Clinics/Physician Offices


With the ever-expanding spread of Coronavirus, more and more hospitals and clinics are in dire need of disinfection and decontamination. We can go into individual patient rooms and use SteraMist on everything in the room for quick and easy sanitization. Urgent care facilities, and other clinics need cleaning services because of the influx of individuals who are being seen due to this illness.

Facilities such as these have so many high-touch areas that may not always be cleaned with regular cleaning and sanitation procedures. Rock Emergency will be happy to come and do a custom evaluation of your office of facility and provide you with an immediate solution!

Residential & Senior Living Facilities

Coronavirus disinfecting for senior living center

According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years old and older. In some states, there have been a high number of deaths in assisted living homes and nursing facilities. It is imperative to have a full professional cleaning completed by Rock Emergency if there is any worry or suspicion of infection at one of your facilities.

Some local facilities have discovered infection of employees who may or may not have been in contact with other co-workers or residents. The SteraMist Environmental Unit can be used in individual rooms, offices and communal areas with little to no downtime.

Ambulance & First Responder Vehicles

Ambulance & First Responder Vehicles

Those who are home and start to have respiratory issue need to get help fast. Thanks to all our First Responders, those in need can get to a hospital fast. Many are not thinking about themselves and risk becoming exposed to the virus. Their vehicle and equipment may possibly be contaminated.

SteraMist Handheld Unit would suffice in cleaning the interior of Ambulance vehicles, EMS, Medical Transport vehicles, Police Cars and Fire Trucks. Not a first responder but worried about possible contamination in your own vehicle? No worries, Rock Emergency will be happy to disinfect your personal vehicle too!

Educational Buildings

Educational Buildings

If you live in NY state, or any surrounding state, your school districts are closed. Some may be for a set amount of time and students can return next month. Other school districts are closed for the remainder of the school year. This has led to some difficulties in students’ lives as well as parents. Rock Emergency is dedicated to #flattenthecurve and work with every school district in providing expert cleaning and decontamination services.

Using the SteraMist line of products, our professionals can go room to room and disinfect. Additionally, all areas of the school building will be tackled as well including cafeterias, gymnasiums, locker rooms, weight rooms, and staff offices. Don’t forget the school buses and other transport vehicles! We can disinfect those too!

Daycare Centers & Play Areas

Daycare Centers & Play Areas

With schools being closed, most daycare facilities are also closed. This is the perfect time to allow Rock Emergency in to provide a safe, disinfected environment for little ones to come back to. Most daycare centers have several rooms in which groups of children may be including play areas, kitchen/cafeteria and classrooms.

Each room will have many items that would need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Sound overwhelming? Let Rock Emergency do the dirty work and take care of it for you! Have outdoor play areas? We can disinfect those too!

Office Buildings or Commercial Spaces

Office Buildings or Commercial Spaces

Some states in the US are under a “Stay at Home” law meaning that only essential employers may remain open. Many places have been closed to the public including salons, bowling alleys, casinos and non-essential shopping centers. Many places in the food service industry have been closed and offer only take-out or delivery services.

During the time of closure, efforts to prevent any spread of this virus must be priority. Calling in the Rock Emergency SteraMist team will be of great benefit to your business. When the world goes back to normal, give your employees peace of mind in knowing their environment has been decontaminated and disinfected so work can resume safely!

Other Community Spaces

Have a space we didn’t already talk about? Not a problem. We are happy to look over any commercial or residential area. Community areas like fitness centers, movie theaters and laundromats can also be covered by Rock Emergency. We are in this fight together, and are all trying to reach the same goal #flattenthecurve!

What Can You Do To Help?

Help stop coronavirus

do the 5

1. WASH your hands! Remember, sing Happy Birthday or Row Your Boat (or just wash for a 20 second count)

2. If you must cough, use your elbow. Cover the cough! Then wash your hands!

3. As hard as it is, don’t touch your face! We do it thousands of times a day without thinking, just try!

4. Practice Social Distancing whenever possible. Stay a minimum of 6 feet away from the next person. Don’t gather in a group!

5. STAY HOME! Only go out if you need to. This means groceries and prescriptions. If you must leave, follow the above rules!

Have further questions? Not sure what you should or shouldn’t do? Don’t worry, we got you! You can also check out some great resources on Coronavirus.

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