Seasons Greetings Card


Seasons Greetings Card

The holiday season is usually a time that inspires hope, joy, and cheers in many. It’s a time to enjoy the company of friends and family while creating new memories while adhering to traditions. However, this season of goodwill can sometimes unexpectedly turn to stress, sadness, and hopelessness for some.

This was the experience of the Nacco family in Greece, NY last year when they were regrettably made the targets of vandalism. The end result was a flooded home and the need for water damage restoration services - which is how we came into the picture. The Nacco family called upon us in their time of need with hope to have their home restored in time for Christmas. To add another layer of misfortune, their insurance refused to cover the cost of the cleanup effort.

We stepped in and decided to proceed with the work anyway! Rock Emergency is guided by the principle that we are in this together and we simply couldn’t stand by and watch someone lose their home, at no fault of their own, when we had the chance to make a difference. Situations like this make us realize how important we all can be in our businesses to our clients and our community.

We were happy to help the Nacco family last year and we hope this holiday season is filled with nothing but the best for them. While we cannot do this regularly the result was very rewarding for our team and our community. We encourage all businesses to join us in helping out wherever and whenever it is possible not only this holiday season but every day moving forward. Acts of kindness always have a lasting effect.

That said, we’d like to send season’s greetings to everyone: Happy Hanukkah from all of us at Rock Emergency to you and your family. We hope your celebrations bring peace and joy to your household. Merry Christmas! We hope your hearts are filled with the warmth that is the closeness of your loved ones this holiday season. We also wish you a bright and happy Kwanzaa. We hope that you take pride in each other and give thanks for this beautiful season.

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